Up to 60 children in Central African Republic die every day from malnutrition - ACF

Half the population do not have enough food - a number that has doubled since last year, according to WFP, which said the hunger levels across CAR were "staggeringly high".


Nearly 1.7 million displaced in Northeast Nigeria by Boko Haram: IOM

The data collected indicates that 86.46 percent of the internally displaced are living in host communities, while 13.54 percent are living in camps or camp-like sites.

Greece + 1 other

Over 15,500 asylum seekers pre-registered on mainland Greece

The pre-registration exercise aims to address the need to access international protection by an estimated 49,000 people currently on mainland Greece.

Pakistan + 1 other

UNHCR doubles grant for registered Afghan refugees opting to return to Afghanistan

Doubling of the repatriation grant for returning Afghan refugees will help to support voluntary repatriation and sustainable reintegration in Afghanistan, said UNHCR chief.

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